Finance Services

The Key Activities and Transition milestones are as follows:

Due Diligence – The due diligence activities include conducting information gathering, meetings/conference calls and reviewing process/functional procedures.

Define and Document

  • This phase includes all efforts to review due diligence data obtained.
  • Define integration/organizational solutions.
  • Identify the actions to migrate from the current back office environment to the future Falcon environment and Deliverables include Transition Plan
  • Profitability and Cash Flow Forecasting Other Management.
  • Current Environment Analysis.
  • Business Requirements, and Falcon Technology Solution Design Requirements


  • This phase includes design of any new Falcon Technology Tools and related procedures documentation.
  • In addition, key Falcon Personnel will be hired and/or transferred from existing accounts.
  • We will finalize the SBT training program.
  • Deliverables include
  • Falcon Solution Design, including any required changes.
  • Gap Analysis, development sign-offs.
  • Training Calendars.
  • hiring and Manager Shadow Training.


This phase includes the staff training on any new requirements. Deliverables include Integration execution coordination and Falcon Technology Tool development.

Go-Live & Stabilization

This phase includes Falcon assuming responsibility for performing the Services Falcon’s Solution Summary Customized Reporting with Visibility.

Falcon can provide your team with a customized, period and quarterly, reporting package

  • Financial Statements Analysis.
  • Store level.
  • Consolidated Enterprise Level.
  • Store Ranking Reports.
  • Benchmarking Analysis.
  • Profitability and Cash Flow Forecasting Other Management.
  • Owner and Lender Required Reporting.
  • Financing options and due diligence
  • Consulting Solutions.
  • Project Implementation Services.
  • Process Reengineering Services.
  • Profit Enhancement.
  • M&A Services.