Accounting Services

Our objective is to utilize technology to integrate store operations with your accounting to reduce overhead costs and maximize profit from operations.

Falcon provides a streamlined solution for your finance, accounting and management reporting needs.

  • Falcon's team approach utilizes individuals with significant experience to provide you timely and accurate information to assist in managing your operations and execute your business priorities.
  • Enables Operator to maintain focus on Restaurant Operations. Reduces G&A expenses compared to in-house back office function.
  • Utilization of summarized POS data and management reporting highlighting key operating metrics to quickly identify critical business issues that will allow the operations team to focus on the issues for resolution.
  • Enterprise Zone Tax Credit & WOTC Processing.

    Falcon's outsourcing solution includes the following:

    A robust technology solution customized for the Restaurant industry, which includes a dashboard reporting tool customizable and available to house all financial and management reporting.

  • Financial Statements Store Level and Consolidated Enterprise Level Store Ranking Reports.
  • Benchmarking Analysis Profitability and Cash Flow Forecasting Other Management
  • Owner and Lender required Reporting A Strategic Business Team (SBT) dedicated to serving you with a Falcon executive as the single point of contact for all facets of the relationship.
  • A transition approach which mitigates the risk involved in converting the back office function for the locations from corporate Company to Falcon.
  • A Customized Reporting with Visibility.

    Falcon's service delivery vision

    Mitigating the business risk associated with conversion of back office function from corporate to Falcon. Implementing a sustainable operating model. Identifying a cost effective back office function / approach including utilization of strategic alliances. Ability to offer seamless transition and integration without impacting service levels.

  • A scalable and flexible support structure to accommodate future organizational growth. Falcon's Solution Summary Falcon is confident that our designed solution meets or exceeds your vision and business requirements.
  • Due diligence will provide for adjustments to the solution The following key points serve as the building blocks to the Falcon Solution Integrated Technology Solution Falcon's technology solution integrates operations with accounting providing reporting tools to operators and owners.
  • Dashboard reporting tool customizable and available to house all financial and management reporting.
  • Payroll / HR module fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP technology.

Visibility with secure access to owners and store managers Summarized POS data daily/weekly/period Store Comparisons E-mail notifications of performance triggers. Microsoft Dynamics GP (MDGP) Technology MDGP technology is a complete and scalable business management software that can help your growing organization get up and running quickly.